sweet potato curry.


Hi all,
again it’s been a while since the last post. But my hope for the fall is, that there will be more time for blogging. After a bit of travelling I moved to Hamburg and its getting colder and darker outside. Winter is the time for cozy evenings on the couch, lots of Netflix and soulfood. The recipe I am presenting you today is one of my long time favourites. It has lovable ingredients like sweet potato, spinach and chickpeas. Those come together in a creamy coconut curry sauce. This curry is my best friend on the couch.

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Port de Soller.


Hello again.
It’s been a long time since the last post. The last months had been full of finishing university and moving on – so now I finally got where I want to be and restarted blogging.
The perfect opportunity is my latest trip to beautiful Mallorca, the well known island in the mediterranen sea. Very popular among German folks, but unexpectedly lovely and full of small town romance, the things you expect in small town Italy somewhere deep in the Tuscany – but Mallorca has it as well!

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